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Nebula DS-3 Interconnect now supports High-Frequency Trading

VANCOUVER, B.C.—Oct.16 2012—Nebula Manufacturing Inc., supplier of advanced optical access equipment for Ethernet services, today announced successful deployment of its popular VFAST DS3 Interconnect product for High-Frequency Trading applications.

High-Frequency Trading is an advanced trading field in which proprietary computer algorithms identify and exploit marginal price differences by rapidly executing large numbers of trades. First introduced by Alexander Wissner-Gross of Harvard University, the strategy of High-Frequency Trading fundamentally depends on communications speed to be successful. A few microseconds can make the difference between a successful and a failed trade.

The architecture of Nebula’s VFAST Ethernet to DS3 converter delivers the exceptionally low latency that High Frequency traders require in order to take full advantage of these extremely small and time transient margins. The DS3’s advanced FPGA design delivers standard 64 byte IP packets at 15 µS and custom packets in as little as half that. Program traders can be confident that their transmitted orders are received as quickly as they possibly can.

“Nebula’s DS3 link connects exchanges where minimum latency is critical,” commented Nebula’s CTO, Peter Schmelcher, “lowering the virtual distance to the trading floor and improving trade efficiency as a result”.

Link reliability is also an important factor. As a member of Nebula’s broadly deployed VFAST line of media converters, the VFAST DS3 Interconnect has been delivering carrier grade levels of reliability in mission critical settings for many years.

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