Ethernet Optics for Access Networks

Secure High-Speed EtherOptics




Solutions Overview
Cost-effective delivery of reliable Ethernet-based services in today’s competitive environment is a challenge. Increasing competition makes last-mile provisioning an important strategic investment, while evolving transport technologies and emerging markets make deployment flexibility a necessity. Nebula’s VFAST architecture is designed to accommodate this changing environment by enabling cost-effective incremental growth throughout the access network.

Business Services
Existing or new point-to-point fiber facilities can be quickly enabled and easily grown with Nebula’s Business Services solutions. Secure bandwidth, from individual 100 Mbps connections to gigabit capability, can all be securely delivered and incrementally provisioned from a single system. The bandwidth allocation and multidrop capabilities of GFAST Gigabit products enhance this flexibility. Learn more…

Residential Services
GFAST Gigabit is equally well-suited to residential broadband delivery (FTTH). The GFAST Gigabit system is designed for incremental growth and opportunistic deployment. This flexibility combined with data security features makes the GFAST Gigabit system ideal for situations where diverse broadband services, such as IP communications services and Automated Meter Reading, need to be offered together. Learn more …

Finding cost-effective means to carry traffic between service islands is key to profitable growth. Nebula’s interconnect capabilities not only enable off-net service delivery and cost-effective backhaul, but can also facilitate new market penetration and customer aggregation before fiber is deployed. Learn more …

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