Ethernet Optics for Access Networks

Secure High-Speed EtherOptics



Corporate Overview

Nebula provides EtherOptic access solutions that let service providers build next generation access networks in a way that is cost-effective and profitable, today.

The convergence of new digital technologies, from cloud computing to home environmental control systems, and a bandwidth-rich environment presents a tremendous opportunity for new communications, information and entertainment services. But at the same time, the high costs of deploying fiber infrastructure and today’s competitive environment make profitable delivery of Ethernet/IP-based services a challenge. Increasing competition makes last-mile provisioning an important strategic investment, while evolving transport technologies and emerging markets make deployment flexibility a necessity.

Nebula offers service providers—from incumbents and competitive local exchange carriers to new entrants with utility or developer heritage—a reliable, carrier-grade solution that lets them build their optical infrastructure incrementally, keeping costs aligned with service subscriptions.

The Nebula EtherOptic products deliver from 100 Mbps to gigabit Ethernet services for business or consumer customers. As one of the earliest entrants into the fiber access equipment market, Nebula has been helping service providers build their fiber access networks profitably since 1995 with cost-effective, easy-to-deploy and reliable optical access products. Nebula EtherOptic products include:

  • GFAST Gigabit Ethernet Products—Both point-to-point and multidrop configuration, incorporating two-way encryption to support secure business and consumer gigabit and fractional gigabit Ethernet services
  • VFAST 100 Mbps Product family—Point-to-point deployment of 10/100-Mbps Ethernet over fiber, supporting up to 800 Mbps on a single fiber pair
  • VFAST Interconnect Products—Easy extension of Ethernet service between serving areas using existing DS3 or OC3 facilities

Focused solely on EtherOptic equipment, Nebula can rapidly adapt designs to meet service providers’ deployment and operational requirements. Nebula works closely with customers to design Nebula products that support innovative services plans and fit into customers’ operational environments. Service providers who deploy Nebula EtherOptic products can count on Nebula’s long history of reliable product delivery and first-class customer support to help them succeed.