Ethernet Optics for Access Networks

Secure High-Speed EtherOptics



Residential Service Solutions

Broadband Residential Service
The GFAST Gigabit Ethernet/PON products provide a cost-effective way to deliver and grow broadband services to residential customers. VLAN-based traffic classification and shaping provides effective and efficient bandwidth allocation and management for a broad array of services.

Broadband Services Integration

The GFAST PON ONU’s flexible architecture provides a unique opportunity for service providers who need custom solutions to meet innovative business and service plans.

For example, service providers wanting to collect power meter data and also deliver broadband service can deploy the GFAST ONU/P, which combines automated meter reading (AMR) communications with channelized IP services. Nebula’s meter extension ring provides an externally accessible optical end-point that facilitates direct plug-and-play both to the existing meter base and Ethernet-interfaced automated meters.

The GFAST VLAN architecture keeps AMR data and customer IP traffic separate. Bidirectional encryption keeps it secure.