Ethernet Optics for Access Networks

Secure High-Speed EtherOptics




Interoffice Backhaul for Ethernet Services

VFAST Interconnect products also allow service providers to cost-effectively transport Ethernet traffic between two serving areas. By placing VFAST Ethernet DS3 or OC3 converters in each point of presence, service providers can backhaul Ethernet traffic over DS3 or OC3 facilities. This lets incumbent carriers take advantage of existing, underutilized facilities. For competitive service providers, leased DS3/ OC3 facilities provide a low-cost way to link two markets.

Extending Ethernet Services to Off-net Customers

The VFAST Interconnect products are an ideal solution for service providers who want to provide Ethernet services to customer locations outside their primary serving area. For example, by placing a VFAST DS3 Ethernet converter card at the customer premise and another in the carrier’s collocation office, the service provider can simply lease DS3 facilities to extend the Ethernet service from the carrier’s Ethernet service point of presence. Alternatively, they can lease DS3 facilities from their serving market to the customer, and terminate the DS3 on a VFAST system in their own point of presence.

Profitable New Market Penetration

The GFAST Gigabit Ethernet and Interconnect products combine to give service providers a low-risk way to open new markets. Typically, to enter a new market, service providers are forced to deploy costly optical CO equipment and fiber links to serve one or a few customers, and aggressively pursue broader service penetration to see return on this investment. Instead, with the VFAST products, service providers can begin by deploying lower-cost DS3 facilities and VFAST Ethernet DS3 Converters as needed. This deployment generates immediate return on investment, which grows with each new customer. Then, when they have enough customers, service providers can install fiber, deploy the GFAST Gigabit Ethernet products and switch customers to the new optical solution. They can now offer increased bandwidth to these customers and can cost-effectively support more customers. VFAST Interconnect equipment can be reused in another new market.