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Nebula Technology Integrated into Major Utilities Network

VANCOUVER, B.C.—Aug. 19, 2011—Nebula Manufacturing Inc., supplier of advanced optical access equipment for Ethernet services, today announced the implementation of Nebula technology supporting a long haul, high bandwidth, fiber optic facility by a major North American utility,

Put in place to support the communications requirements of significant utility infrastructure, the 500 km, 10 GB/sec dedicated fiber connection utilizes Nebula HC components for optical signal amplification and dispersion compensation. In addition to the communications’ end points, two remotely located, Nebula equipped repeater stations, spaced approximately 200 km apart, both boost signal strength and retain coherency.

Nebula HC optical networking solutions are designed to traverse significant distances under adverse climate conditions with minimal signal loss, permitting reliable and cost effective connection between points of presence 200-300 km apart without compromising data transmission integrity.

“Reliable, high bandwidth communications is increasingly essential for today’s utilities and for those with remote assets, that often means extended reach fiber-optics.”  said Peter Schmelcher, Nebula’s founder and CTO. “This deployment demonstrates the ability of Nebula’s equipment to cost effectively deliver fiber based, high capacity communications to remote and harsh environments.


About Nebula
Nebula EtherOptic™ access solutions let service providers build next generation access networks in a way that is cost effective, and profitable, today. The Nebula EtherOptic products deliver from 10 Mbps to Gigabit Ethernet services for business or consumer customers.
As one of the earliest entrants into fiber access equipment market, Nebula has been helping service providers build out their fiber access networks profitably since 1993 with cost effective, easy to deploy and reliable optical access products. Focused solely on EtherOptic equipment, Nebula works closely with customers to design and deliver products that support innovative service’s plans that fit into their operational environment. Nebula adapts designs to meet service providers’ deployment and operational requirements.


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