Ethernet Optics for Access Networks

Secure High-Speed EtherOptics




up to 8 - 100 Mbps Ethernet channels per fiber pair
Incremental provisioning for rapid ROI
Carrier grade
Extends up to 35 miles (60 km)
Independently powered
Highly reliable, high redundancy
Supervised communication link

Nebula’s VFAST 100 Mbps Ethernet Service solution is a scalable, cost-effective system to deploy Fast Ethernet services over fiber links. The VFAST 100 Mbps Ethernet system is a series of Ethernet-to-fiber converters, multiplexers and enclosures that lets service providers deploy equipment just as needed, minimizing up-front investment and shortening the time to profit. With Nebula’s VFAST Ethernet over Fiber system, service providers can expand services and markets profitably, one customer, one building, one campus at a time. VFAST 100 Mbps Ethernet products use Nebula’s proven EtherOptic platform and offer:

  • 100 Mbps Ethernet bridge with bidirectional link supervision
  • Low-cost Ethernet-over-fiber line cards
  • Highly reliable communication links
  • Dedicated management port for link status monitoring
  • Plug-and-play architecture for nonintrusive deployment
  • Incremental provisioning for profitable growth

The two members of the VFAST 100 Mbps Ethernet product family are:

VFAST8x 100 Mbps Ethernet over Fiber

Multiplexes up to eight 100 Mbps Ethernet channels onto a single fiber pair.  The VFAST8x multichannel unit supports two full 8 100-Mbps systems, allowng incremental provisioning of up to 16 100-Mbps channels from a single Nebula EtherOptic shelf.

VFAST2x 100 Mbps Ethernet over Fiber

Multiplexes two 100-Mbps Ethernet channels onto a single fiber pair. Nebula offers three VFAST2x products to give service providers a range of deployment options, from single-channel unit to two multiplexed channels, to a multichannel unit designed for the central office.