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VFAST™ Interconnect Overview

VFAST™ Interconnect Overview

Nebula’s VFAST Ethernet Interconnect family of products takes advantage of available DS3 or OC3 facilities to extend Ethernet services to off-net customers and to cost-effectively open new markets.

By installing Nebula’s VFAST DS3 Ethernet Converter in the carrier’s collocation office and the customer premise, service providers can use cost-effective leased DS3 circuits or available fiber links to extend high-bandwidth Ethernet services, such as IP VLANS and LAN Interconnect, to customers located off-net or in remote locations. In addition, by deploying VFAST Interconnect with DS3 or OC3 circuits, service providers can enter a new market with low up-front investment, avoiding the risk of deploying a full optical solution in a brand new market.

With Nebula’s VFAST Interconnect system, service providers can expand services and markets profitably, one customer at a time.

The VFAST DS3 Ethernet Converter delivers Ethernet over DS3, providing 45 Mbps data rates over DS3 facilities.

The VFAST OC3 Ethernet Converter delivers Ethernet over OC3, providing up to 100 Mbps data rates over OC3 facilities.

Both products use Nebula’s proven EtherOptic platform and offer:

  • Highly reliable communication links
  • Integrated management that uses a dedicated management port for configuration and status monitoring
  • Plug-and-play architecture for nonintrusive deployment
  • Incremental provisioning for profitable growth

The VFAST DS3 Converter also offers two levels of prioritization, supporting voice and video, as well as data, applications.